Friday, December 13, 2013

I've been waiting for these ever since we got back from our honeymoon! They have finally arrived-- our wedding photos! Here is a couple of my favorites (more to come!)...

Thanks to Olivia Ashton photography!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Engagement Photos

I am so excited to share some of my favorite photos from our engagement shoot!

Photography by Alexandra Grace Photography
(click here to see full post from her--with much more detail)
Location: Corvallis, OR || covered bridge ||

In 3 month and 21 days i'll be a Mrs! It's pretty surreal especially when I get to marry this guy ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mustache Mug {DIY}

research mustaches online (I used pinterest)
practice drawing it out
keep drawing until you have the idea down

I drew dots for symmetry on both sides

Started filling it in with a thinner sharpie (non ceramic one for easy removal or fix)

I then took the ceramic "Pebeo" ceramics pen and outlined and filled in the mustache

finished product! (make sure to bake for 40-45 at 325)  *hand wash only*

Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY Personalized Letter Mugs

I used letter stickers to outline the letter with a regular sharpie
tape on the letter and trace

fill it in with a "pebeo" ceramics marker (buy here)

bake for at 325 for 40-45 mins! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

ENGAGED! {love}

I have been engaged for a couple months now, but my fiancé's roommate put this beautiful video together of him proposing and thought I'd share.
I had NO IDEA this was coming, but he had thought everything out so perfectly that I wouldn't have a clue of what was to come {I am not an easy one to surprise}.

This is how it went down:

1. The night before he drove an hour to my mom's house to ask for her blessing {so sweet}.
2. Asked my family to be a part of it {they played along VERY well}
3. Asked his roommate Tim to film the occasion {very "incognito-ed"-- thanks Tim!}
4. Kneeled down on one knee on ICE and DIDN'T face plant {what a sport!} 
5. Pulled out a sparkling ring out of thin air {yes, just like that}  
6. My favorite reaction word was "what?! Are you serious?!" {I would be in hawaii right now if I received a free mile every time I said that phrase} 
7. When I looked over at my family, they were not acting very surprised {but had iPhones pulled out instead}, therefore this meant it was for realz.
8. I cried {a happy cry, of course}
9. Everyone in the rink clapped and cheered {and proceeded to congratulate us on the way out, I didn't mean to ignore them but no one else existed in that moment} 
10. Everything else was a blur, but at some point I nodded {which was followed by a yes}
11. The evening continued by the world's largest book store--Powell's {who doesn't like the smell of old books?}
12. followed by some Red Robin burgers and Starbucks coffee
13. Stopped by a park that overlooked the beautiful city of portland and its lights {we all sang like no was listening which led to us scaring off a couple that was trying to have a romantic moment... oops!}
14. And lastly the night was finished off at my Mom's house celebrating our engagement with carrot cake and tea {who doesn't love carrot cake? Well I guess someone who is allergic to it... who happened to be my fiancé}
15. Ended up with a ring on my finger and a loving fiancé by my side. I CANNOT WAIT TO MARRY THIS MAN. {I don't know how I landed this one!}

Thank you everyone who was a part of it. {you know who you are... Julie, Diana, Yar, Mom, Alex and others of course} and I am so thankful to my Creator, who has blessed me immensely with a wonderful man to grow up with and then grow old with. I love his heart and it has inspired me to grow deeper in loving the Lord and focus on things that matter in life versus those that don't.

All in all, it is a day I won't forget and it is certainly a great start to a beginning of a new chapter.

Now to begin wedding planning...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shopping tip! {student discount}

If you happen to be a student, make sure you ask every store if they have a student discount!
(must show a current student I.D.)

*Levi's -- gave me 10% off my entire purchase (I was already buying off the clearance rack too!)
*J-Crew -- gave me 10% off my entire purchase

I had no idea, my roommates brought it up and I ended up saving over $15. Even if you save a couple dollars, it is well worth it (a couple dollars you didn't have before). So, JUST ASK!

Happy savings!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Watercolor T-Shirt {using SHARPIES}

.:Project of the day:.

All you do is:
1. use sharpies to draw out your art
2. use hydrogen peroxide and droplet to spread the ink however you please!

hint: (more hydrogen peroxide you use, the more it'll spread! start small...)
hint #2: (Also, some sharpies are called "stained" sharpies they don't spread but good for a baseline! in this project, I used both)

In Women's Discipleship class, we bonded over sharpies and hydrogen peroxide, I took some time and told my engagement story :) 

{YES, I am engaged and that post will come a bit later}